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For the past 25 years Bruce Robertson, owner of Capitol Consultants, has developed and maintained close working relationships with key members of the Oklahoma State Legislature and the Oklahoma delegation to the United States Congress. Bruce has worked closely with numerous government departments, regulatory agencies, boards, and commissions of all levels of government. Throughout the years, Bruce's expertise has allowed him to provide his clients with superior results in negotiating with State and Federal governments.

As a consultant to your organization on state government activities, Capitol Consultants offers the following services relative to Oklahoma State Government:

1) Identify, monitor and analyze current and proposed legislation and regulations which may have an impact on your activities;

2) Advise and recommend your position on theses important issues;

3) Representation of your organization before the Oklahoma State Legislature, its committees and commissions, to communicate positions or provide essential information;

4) Communicate and report to the appropriate official(s) to determine corporate strategies and overall objectives in dealing with governments;

5) Support your interests with the ability to monitor a unique provision of Oklahoma law which allows agencies and departments to accomplish through the "rule making process" that which they were unable to achieve through legislation in an earlier session;

6) Provide suggested actions for upcoming or anticipated government changes of laws, rules and regulations.

I can be contacted by calling (405) 410-1208 or email brucerobertson@cox.net